Bubbly Basics

“When you focus on the good, the good gets better!” 

1) Asian American Women Have Never Been Truly Safe 

2) Here Are Direct Actions You Can Take to Support Asian Americans & Canadians Right Now 

3) MUST Have Motivational Water Bottle 

4) “How It Is” – Walk off the Earth (instant mood booster for me lately) 

5) Everything You Should Check Out On Netflix Canada This Weekend 

6) HUGE NEWS! China To End Mandatory Animal Testing On “General” Imported Cosmetics 

7) 8 Outfit Formulas To Look Like an Off-Duty Model 

8) THE Cutest Sweater + Shorts (aka Lounge Wear) Set 

9) Pizza Rolls…I’ll just leave this here (while my mouth waters)

10) In Case You Missed It – The Lip Plumper You Need In Your Life 

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