Your Closet Needs More…Linen!

Hi friends & happy Tuesday! 

My bestie is a pilot, a bad ass lady boss, a collector of all things sloth (yes the animal) AND her linen collection is what the kids would describe as being “fire” or “lit”. 

But seriously, any time she shows up rocking linen, I have to remind myself that we’re NOT headed for a weekend in the Hamptons. 

I don’t know what it is about linen pieces, but they seem so effortless, beachy (of course) + just super chic. 

All of this has gotten me thinking that perhaps it’s time for me to add a linen piece or two into my wardrobe, you know, so I can look as “snatched” as her (according to Google, that’s another “hip” word the kids are using these days). As someone who knows very little about linen (what it is/how much it costs/benefits of it/how to care for it), I thought it might be helpful to share the info that I find to help you put together your own perfect outfit avec LINEN! 

So, let’s just jump straight into it! 

Now, what exactly is linen

Here’s what you need to know: 

> it’s made from a plant called flax 

> it’s 100% natural 

> it’s the oldest fabric that comes from nature

> it’s a thicker + crisper fabric 

Benefits of Linen: 

> it’s highly absorbent and can absorb up to 20% of its own weight 

> it’s strong + durable 

> it can even be used in a sticky climate since it is very permeable 

How to Care for Linen: 

> you can machine wash 100% linen to soften it, or dry clean it to maintain it’s crispness 

Linen vs. Linen Blend: 

> when blended with other fibers, characteristics of linen are then transformed to acquire some characteristics of the joining fiber:

  • Linen/Rayon – Rayon blended with linen creates a substantially softer fabric with more fluid drape and a subtle sheen from the rayon.
  • Linen/Cotton – Cotton softens linen but keeps the fullness of linen and reduces the wrinkles drastically, while keeping a crisp look.
  • Linen/Polyester – Polyester helps linen to wash better, wrinkle less, and retain color-fastness. Depending on the type of fabric, polyester usually softens the feel of linen as well, but in a synthetic way.

> linen is much more expensive than a linen blend 

 So, now that we’ve got that outta the way, let’s dive right into the fun stuff! 

LINEN PIECES I’M LOVING (both 100% linen + linen blend pieces): 

H&M Linen T-Shirt $17.99 CAD 

Anthropologie Botanique Ruffled Linen Blouse $158.00 CAD

Grayson The Hero Linen Buttondown $138.00 CAD 

Anton Balloon Sleeve Linen Top $148.00 CAD

H&M Linen-Blend Dress $39.99 CAD

Caris Dress $69.95 USD 

Farm Rio Denyse Linen Mini Dress $168.00 CAD

OLD NAVY Button-Front Linen-Blend Cami Jumpsuit $49 CAD 

Cloth & Stone Safari Linen Romper $138.00 CAD

H&M Wide-cut Linen Pants $19.99 CAD (on sale from $79.99 CAD) 

CASLON Linen Jogger Pants $59.00 USD 

CASLON New Belted Yarn Dyed Linen Pants $59 USD 


And there you have it friends!

Even though the end of summer is fast approaching, I don’t think it’s too late to hop on the linen train + invest in a few great pieces that’ll last you a long time! 

Do you currently have any linen in your closet? 

Thanks so much for stopping by & until next time, 


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