DEAL or DON’T – Marc Jacobs At Lash’d Lengthening Curling Mascara

“If only my weekends were as long as my lashes!”

Hi friends! 

Happy Monday AND Happy Simcoe day! 

I’m headed back to the office tomorrow and I’ll be honest, I’m NOT happy about it. I don’t know what some people don’t understand about the fact that there’s a pandemic going on, one that is still VERY much alive + well. But since I’m being forced to go back, at least I’m going back with the most gorgeous…lashes. 

And speaking of, how much would you spend to have THE most perfect lashes? 

If you’ve been with me from the beginning then you’ll know that I’ve tried and LOVED everything from Essence’s $3.99 Lash Princess Mascara to Lancôme’s $33  Monsieur Big Mascara and more recently, the Tom Ford Badass Mascara which retailed for a whopping $69!!!! While my love of the Tom Ford mascara was and is still very strong, did I see myself repurchasing a $69 (+tax) mascara every few months?! Nah! 

The other week, I decided to make an impromptu little Sephora order (because isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you’re feeling down?!) + while scrolling through the “New” section, I caught a glimpse of THE most gorgeous mascara I have ever seen. And well, one thing led to another & 3 days later it arrived on my doorstep! 

The Marc Jacobs At Lash’d Lengthening and Curling Mascara launched maybe a month ago and well, I’ll let this luxurious packaging speak for itself. 

Marc Jacobs describes their $35 (CAD) mascara as being: 

> long-wearing, lengthening & curling 

> the perfect mascara for a highly defined, full-extension lash look 

> vegan, flake proof + smudge-resistant 

> lightweight and buildable without making lashes look crunchy or clumpy 

When it comes to mascara wands, we’ve seen them all. Much like with Goldilocks + the 3 bears, they’re either too hard (aka you risk losing an eye every time you apply it) or they’re too soft (in which case you could be spending 4+ minutes applying layers and layers only to be left with weird, spidery looking lashes). 

This Marc Jacobs mascara was created with a wavy-bristled wand which was designed to evenly coat every lash for flawless application. When I say that the wand on this one is PERFECTION, you would never know just by looking at it, as it looks very much like every other mascara wand on the market…

I find this one to be the perfect combination of hard and soft, coating every lash from the root, making it totally look like you’re wearing falsies after only a couple coats. 

Wanna see what I’m talking about?! 

The left eye is after only 2 coats of mascara & no eyelash curler. 

The right eye is well…naked. 

Minus the mascara remnants that are on my left eye lid, that eye looks lifted and lashes definitely look thicker. 

Still not convinced? 

Marc Jacobs ran a clinical test on the At Lash’d Mascara and these were the results: 

97% of users agree this mascara visibly extends the length of lashes.

97% of users agree this mascara adds instant volume to lashes.

94% of users agree this mascara gives lashes a lifted look.

When it comes to ingredients, many of us are mindful of what our lipsticks and definitely skincare contain. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been curious about what’s in my mascara (even though it often goes in my eye when I’m applying it so I definitely should care!). In doing a bit of research for this post, I discovered that the At Lash’d Mascara contains: 

 – Biotin Peptide: Conditions and enriches lashes

 – Provitamin B5: Enhances lash’s appearance

 – Vegan Plant Waxes: Builds lash volume with a lightweight feel. 

It’s also free of sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, and triclocarban, and contains less than one percent of synthetic fragrances. This product is also vegan and cruelty-free. Yippee!! 

And so, the moment has come when I need to decide if this Marc Jacobs mascara is a DEAL or a DON’T! 

While the At Lash’d Lengthening Curling Mascara is definitely not the cheapest mascara on the market, it’s definitely worth every penny so with every fiber of my being, this is a total DEAL! 

And to recap, here’s why: 

– you get THE longest, thickest looking lashes after only 2 coats! 

– it’s vegan + CRUELTY FREE!! 

– it applies like a dream! 

– it is SO easily removed (you won’t have to wrestle with your lashes to make sure you’re going to bed mascara free!)

– no smudging (aka no raccoon eyes!) 

What’s your current go to mascara? AND are you back to working at the office now? Let me know in the comments below! 

Thanks so much for stopping by & until next time, 


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