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This is your Sunday reminder that you can handle WHATEVER this week throws at you! 

1) 5 Exercises to Strengthen Your Core at Home 

2) 17 Insanely Easy Habits That Will Change Your Life 

3) Every Self-Help Book Ever, Boiled Down to 11 Simple Rules 

4) The Brief Life of Cornelius Frederick: Warning Sicks Missed Before Teen’s Fatal Restraint

5) AOC Delivers A Lesson in Decency on The House Floor 

6) 15 Summer Dinners You Can Make in Less Than 30 Minutes 

7) Summer Here I Am: The Best Serums For a Super Glow Summer 

8) TV Host Regis Philbin Has Died At 88 

9) There is Nothing on TV More Pure Than Zac Efron Learning About Science 

10) The Ultimate Guide to Clean Beauty 

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