All Aboard The…BIKER SHORT Train!

“Life is short, make every outfit count!”

Hi friends & happy Friday! 

I NEVER thought I’d see the day where I’d actually want to (voluntarily) wear…biker shorts. 

I can only assume that my displeasure for these tight little shorts stems from years + years of being tortured (I mean dressed) in matching outfits (which included biker shorts) all thanks to…Northern Getaway. 

Back in the day, my winter wardrobe consisted of: ALL.ONE.COLOR. I’m talking a pink sweater (with either a nature scene or teddy bears), pink turtleneck, pink sweatpants, pink socks AND matching pink scrunchie. 

In the summer months, I could be seen in a little something like this…

That being said, I feel like this outfit (which, based on the look on my face I wasn’t thrilled about) totally checks all of the boxes for what is considered “stylish” nowadays. 

I mean….

Long Tee – CHECK

Biker Shorts – CHECK (+ I probably get bonus points since said shorts are bright AF) 

Weird Chunky Sandals – CHECK 

I’m even wearing one of those black stringy choker necklaces!!! 

But seriously, that outfit probably fits in better with the current fashion trends of 2020 than my current closet does! Gosh, I was so ahead of my time haha! 

When the biker short trend first made it’s comeback, it was a solid HECK NAH for me! 

Now, having seen this trend in action for the last couple of months + the Pinterest boards filled with tons of inspo, I figured perhaps it was time for me to dabble in the biker short life. I had no idea that shorts like these could actually make some pretty incredible outfits! And so, after MUCH consideration (like actually a ton), I’m finally ready to hop onto the biker short train. I’m SO committed to this look that once this post goes up, I’ll be walking to the mailbox because I got a notification this afternoon saying that my American Eagle package (which includes little black biker shorts!) has arrived! Yippee! 

In this post, I’m going to help you find THE perfect pair of biker shorts! For anyone saying “are you kidding, I can’t wear biker shorts!”, there’s literally a pair for every body type, price point, length and color preference. Once we’ve establish what pair is best for you, get ready for some Pinterest approved outfit inspo that’ll guarantee you rock the heck outta these shorts! 

So, let’s jump straight into it!  



High Rise Bike Short 

$17.95 CAD 

Joe Fresh 

Active Bike Shorts 

$19 CAD 


Seamless Cycling Shorts 

$19.99 CAD


Tnachill Atmosphere Hi-Rise 7″ Short 

$20 CAD


Seamless Rib Bike Short 

$20 CAD


High-Waisted Elevate Compression Bermudas for Women  

$22 CAD

Wilfred Free

Divinity Short 

$23.99 CAD

American Eagle 

Move Mesh High Waisted Bike Short 

$29.21 CAD


Fashionnova Lace Trim Biker Shorts

$35 CAD


Align Short 6″

$58 CAD

Universal Standard

Knockout Bike Shorts

$90.95 CAD

Good American 

The Boss Bike Shorts 

$177.66 CAD


And there you have it friends. 

Do you think you’ll hop onto the biker short trend?? 

Thanks so much for stopping by & until next time, 


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