Summer 2020 Bucket List

“Life is good because I decided to make it that way!” 

Hi friends & happy Tuesday! 

Hope you’re all doing well! 

Back in April (which feels like forever ago), I published a little series that I called the “COVID Chronicles”. In the first post of that week long series, I shared with you everything from my overwhelming anxiety to #wfh, my quarantine experience to how I was handling working at a company that was denying COVID even existed (pandemic, what?!). In that post, I shared a handful of techniques I was planning on implementing in my own life as a way of coping with all of the uncertainty and craziness. 

One of those techniques looked a little something like this … 

On top of being told I was overreacting to this whole pandemic thing (which I was only doing because of the total LACK of reacting the company I work for was doing), I was constantly bombarded with messages that life would be back to “normal” in no time. With that in mind, I naively assumed (and you know what they say about assuming!) that this summer would be unlike any other. Once the warmer weather hit, I would be enjoying sangria on a patio, spending afternoons at the beach, perhaps even going on a FRIGGEN’ VACATION!!!!! 

HA! That COVID I tell ya clearly had other plans for us. With many of these activities no longer possible, I found myself tossing them into the pile of things I’d do NEXT summer. 

Now, fast forward to today, things are slowly beginning to reopen here in Canada. While I’m finally able to see my bestie without feeling any guilt or pop into my fav coffee shop (with my mask of course) without feeling too much anxiety, there are still so many things I won’t be doing anytime soon. I think it’s safe to say I’ll be ruling out the possibility of a vacation this year and while many restaurants in the GTA have opened, you will NOT find me on a patio sipping on a giant cocktail anytime soon. The very thought of that brings me way too much anxiety + I just don’t see the point of putting myself through that (especially when I’m able to safely indulge in a cocktail or 5 in the comfort of my home). 

While this summer looks A LOT different than any other summer we’ve experienced, why does that mean that we can’t make the best of it + still create THE best possible summer for ourselves?? 

And so, here I am, taking back the control that I had previously (and perhaps too hastily) given up on 2020! I’ve decided to take my own advice + create a little summer bucket list of things that are totally doable (given the current restrictions) that will allow me to look back on the summer that I had initially dismissed and…be happy.  Even just the thought of these activities makes me happy so I’m VERY much looking forward to diving right in and starting my summer of fun. I’ll be taking pictures to document each activity as I cross it off the list so stay tuned for those pics! 

So friends, without further ado, I present to you the 10 activities I’m going to do over the next few months to make the summer of 2020 a perfect one!    


Yes, this first bucket list item is basic AF, but not only does this sound like the perfect way to spend an afternoon, but you get a really cute shirt (sweater, dress, pair of pants) out of it! 

My bestie & I have been chatting about completing this one for a few weeks now so I believe tie dying is in our not so distant future. With Pinterest as our guide, we’ve got two options: 

1) We can purchase a white tee/sweater/etc and experiment with the million + one dye colors available 


2) We’ll simply use a colored article of clothing that we would have otherwise thrown out or donated and just use bleach to create the same tie dye effect  (which actually creates a super edgy look!). 

I’ll definitely be posting about our tie dye experience so stay tuned for that post! If you’re interested in dabbling in your own little afternoon of tie dying, click here and here for a how to guide. 

Happy tie dying! 


I actually can’t get the idea of a cute little picnic outta my head! 

It just sounds like THE loveliest way to spend a Sunday afternoon, picnic basket, bubbly & blanket in tow. I have no idea where I’m going to have said picnic, however you best believe I’m going to! 

Now, what are your thoughts, field or beach?? Let me know in the comments below!  


Sun on my face, wind in my hair, music playing & coffee in the cup holder = THE perfect little day trip, road trip!

Okay, so I may not look as cool as the gal in this pic HOWEVER I plan to have just as much fun. I definitely wish this could be a legit road trip that would lead to an adventure that lasts a few days, however I’ll take what I can get at this point. 

If this little road trip takes me to the shores of Port Dover or even Port Dalhousie, I’ll be one happy gal! 


When we were kids, my brother + I would make my dad a special drink for when he came home from work. From what I remember, it usually involved all sorts of funky ingredients that don’t typically belong in a drink (think Worcestershire, Tabasco and who knows if we even put in some kind of alcohol for him…poor guy). 

Anyways, with my “bartending” days LONG behind me, I’m thinking my summer DIY cocktail might include vodka, lemonade and some kinda sour candy (because that’s what all the cool kids on Tik Tok seem to be adding to their cocktails). 

What would you include in your own little homemade cocktail?? 


How LOVELY does this sound?! 

I can only recall two other times I’ve found myself on a blanket, starring up at the stars, but from what I remember, time seemed to stop + I think we all need more moments like that!  

So, if this sounds like something you wanna do, grab a blanket, look up + get lost in the stars!  


Whether I’m chatting about bucket lists or Summer Outfit inspo, I always seem to include a trip to the local farmers market for fresh flowers! 

With COVID still very much alive and well, even if I’m not able to walk to the market to pick up a fresh bouquet, I’ll settle for a trip to Fortino’s to buy a little arrangement. 


If I’m being honest, this one gives me a smidgen of anxiety, but a digital detox (if only for 24 hours) is definitely something we could all benefit from. Whether you choose to spend your internet-less day reading, hiking or lounging by the pool, I think time away from social media especially is a must! 


Not only does it feel great to do something nice for someone else, but if you can make someone else smile, why the heck not?! 

Here are a few ways you can do that:

– pay for the coffee of the person behind you at the drive thru 

– let someone go ahead of you in a line 

– hold open a door 

– give someone a compliment 

– donate food, toys & books

– smile at everyone you come across 

– pick up trash 

– plant a tree


I love everything about a drive in! 

1) You can be cozy in your car

2) You can wear literally whatever you want (no makeup needed)!

3) You can bring whatever snacks you want

4) You don’t have to settle on one movie because I’m pretty sure the drive in plays 2! 

Ugh I can’t wait!!


Annnnd I’ve saved the best for last!

Whether you’re going to make it around a campfire or in your oven, s’mores are THE best!  Honestly, I don’t know what is it about these gooey little treats, but the very thought of them makes me smile. 

And there you have it friends!

I hope this little list inspires you to come up with your own summer bucket list! Whether you’re able to come up with 2, 10, or even 30 things you want to do this summer, do it! Because you all deserve SO much happiness! 

Thanks so much for stopping by & until next time, 


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