Bubbly Basics

“Every day is a day you’ve never seen before!” 

1) 11 Cocktail Recipes Under 150 Calories 

2) Summer 2020’s Best Sunglasses Trends 

3) It’s Hot. Here’s How To Make Your Face Mask More Comfortable 

4) Pen Pals Wanted!! Become a Pen Pal With a Resident of The Living Center of Concord  

5) The Science of Well-Being (FREE  Online Course Offered by Yale) 

6) How to Improve Your Posture While Working From Home 

7) DIY Hair Masks to Treat Dry, Brittle Stands 

8) The 10 Best Perfumes and Fragrances to Wear This Summer 

9) What To Watch on Netflix Canada This July 

10) Easy Everyday Makeup Routine (p.s. I’m OBSESSED with this look!) 

Hope the rest of your Sunday is wonderful!

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