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TODAY’S FORECAST: 99% chance of fuller lips 

Hi friends & Happy Tuesday! 

The bigger the better, am I right?! 

LIPS that is. 

COVID has wreaked havoc on our lives in sooo many ways. We haven’t been able to see our  friends (in person), visit our favorite coffee shops, and worst of all (haha okay not really, but you know what I’m saying), we certainly haven’t been able to indulge in…lip filler. I think it’s safe to say that once we’re officially out of quarantine (which, depending on what news station you listen to, sounds like that could happen sooner rather than later), we’re not going to recognize each other. Our true hair colors will finally be revealed (although I’m still standing firm that I’m a natural blonde, even though these dark roots may tell you another story), perhaps some of us will have a little more movement in our faces (damn you Botox) and finally, our lips might not look as plumped and pouty as we’d like. 

UGHH the horror! 

It’s kinda funny, I’ve managed perfectly fine without my bi-weekly trips to the nail salon. After the hair debacle of January 2020, the last thing I wanna do is to sit back in that chair, because who knows how much hair I’d be left with. I have to say, the thing I’ve missed the most (when it comes to beauty maintenance) is having my lips done. 

And so, with no medspas open, I’ve had no choice but to take matters into my own hands!  And NO that doesn’t mean I’ve been injecting myself with filler (although what a dream that would be!). 

Today we’re talking about something much less painful and much more affordable. That’s right friends, today we’re chatting about lip liners! 

I’ve been known to over line my lips a time or two (or every day), however in quarantine, my over lining game has been on steroids! While some days I’ve actually chosen to forgo mascara (which is the only face makeup I’ve been wearing), I always make sure I’m ZOOM ready with lip liner + either a balm or a gloss. 

Anyone else dreading going back to work and putting on a full face of makeup everyday?? 

Anyways, prior to COVID, or even 2019 for that matter, I would have never thought to use a lip liner. In my mind, it was always something women wore as a way to keep their lipstick in place so they didn’t look like a child that got into a bowl full of berries or something. 

I’m not sure why I’ve been so late to the liner game because that one magical pencil (which is available in every color + formula under the sun) has the ability to transform your lips in SO many ways…

Want bigger lips? Lip liner’s gotcha covered!

Want a wider mouth? Yup, lip liner can do that for ya! 

Want a smaller mouth? Not sure WHY haha but the magic of lip liner can make that happen! 

With so many incredible liners on the market, I’ve had to look no further than my own makeup stash to find my favorite shades and formulas! 

And so, I thought I would share my top 5 favorite lip liners, which all just happen to be a different shade of NUDE. These liners range from $2.49 CAD all the way up to $27 CAD, so there’s a liner for every beauty lover!  

So, without further ado, here are my favorite lip liners! 

Lip Liner #1 

Brand: Essence Cosmetics

Product Name: Soft Contouring Lip Liner 

Shade: “Big Proposal” 

Price: $2.49 CAD 

Pencil or Retractable: Pencil 

If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you’ll know how much I LOVE Essence Cosmetics. 

The brand is:

– cruelty free 

– vegan and paraben free 

– a one stop shop for beauty lovers, they have every makeup product you could possibly want or need 

– THE most affordable makeup brand I’ve ever come across ($1.99 CAD – $25.00 CAD) 

– female owned! 

For those of you wondering how a product that costs only $1.99 CAD can be good quality, you’ve clearly never tried Essence! I’ve tried everything from their glosses and lip liners, to brow gels + mascaras, and not once have I been disappointed. I actually find their products outperform similar products from more expensive brands! Now, when it comes to their lip liners, my first experience with one from the brand is in the shade “Big Proposal”, and it is gorgeous! 

It’s the most stunning “your lips but better” shade that instantly enhances any makeup look when worn on it’s own. These liners are highly pigmented, smudge-proof and they last a LONG time. I will say that while they’re among my top 5 favorites, when it comes to the formula, I do find it to be a tad drying on the lips. For that reason, I always opt to line my lips and then pair it with a gloss to counteract any drying properties. 

Lip Liner #2

Brand: L’OREAL Paris 

Product Name: Colour Riche Lip Liner 

Shade: “Beyond Pink” 

Price: $9.97 CAD 

Pencil or Retractable: Retractable

This is hands down my favorite, budget friendly liner!

Much like the Essence liner, “Beyond Pink” by L’OREAL is the perfect, pinky nude shade that can so easily be worn on its own or paired with another lip product. This shade in particular makes it SO easy to over line your lips, making people wonder if you’ve secretly had your lips done while in quarantine. 

This formula is probably my all time favorite of any liner that I’ve ever tried. It’s creamy and super hydrating and it lasts throughout the day (no matter what you’re eating or drinking). I also love that it’s a retractable liner so I don’t have to track down a pencil sharpener when it gets dull. 

Lip Liner #3

Brand: MAC Cosmetics 

Product Name: Lip Pencil 

Shade: “Soar” 

Price: $23 CAD 

Pencil or Retractable: Retractable

I feel like you can’t talk about lip liners without mentioning MAC Cosmetics. If you watch any beauty channels on YouTube, 9 out of 10 GRWM’s will feature a liner from the brand. MAC has 33 different shades to choose from,  including: nudes, plums, reds, browns and even purple, so there’s definitely a shade for everyone! 

Out of the two MAC lip pencils that I have in my collection, my favorite shade is the cult classic “Soar” which is the loveliest mid-tone pinkish brown. I definitely reach for this one more during the fall/winter months as it’s a tad deeper than the first two liners mentioned. Unlike the creaminess of the L’OREAL liner, I do find the MAC lip pencil is a tad too hard + actually tugs on the lips during application. While I don’t love that, the color is stunning and this formula is super pigmented and long lasting!  

Lip Liner #4


Product Name: Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil 

Shade: “3C” 

Price: $26.50 CAD

Pencil or Retractable: Retractable

This waterproof pencil is proof that influencer marketing works, and for that, I blame Allana Davison (aka my favorite YouTuber). That’s right, Allana bragged about these liners in a video, and I ran out to Sephora to purchase it. 

SO impulsively purchased this liner not knowing that the Aqua Waterproof collection was created for the friggen’ Parisian Aquatic Ballet! So this is a hardcore waterproof liner, which isn’t exactly something I need in a liner, however it’s good to know that I could be underwater for five hours + my lip liner won’t budge haha! 

Anyways, besides being waterproof, I find the formula to be super creamy, gliding on the lips upon application and it stays put, without smudging, feathering or fading! I have the shade “3C” which is the loveliest medium natural beige. Since purchasing this liner, I know that the brand has reformulated their lip liners, so I would be interested to see how they differ from the one I own. 

Lip Liner #5

Brand: Charlotte Tilbury 

Product Name: Lip Cheat Lip Liner 

Shade: “Pillow Talk” 

Price: $27 CAD

Pencil or Retractable: Pencil 

This, my friends, is the lip liner of ALL lip liners! 

Yes this is THE most expensive lip liner on my list, it’s also 100% THE best one that I own. It’s creamy + luxurious and transforms my lips from blah to SUPER pouty with just a few swipes. This luxury liner has been a quarantine staple and while I’ve ditched 99% of my usual daily makeup, Monday-Friday I’m rocking mascara, this liner and either a balm or gloss on top. 

As I mentioned in my “What I Bought During the Sephora VIB Sale” post (click here if you missed it), the “Pillow Talk” collection features universally flattering nude-pink hues that are perfect for every complexion. As you can tell from the swatch, it really does look like the perfect lip color, which in my opinion, makes it THE ultimate liner for over lining your lips to create the most gorgeous, plumped pout. 

According to Sephora.ca, the Lip Cheat liners last up to six hours thanks to a no-smudge, waterproof formula that won’t feather or transfer. 

While this pencil is a pricey one, I can confidently say that it’s THE ONLY lip liner that you need in your collection! 

And there you have it friends, my top 5 favorite {nude} lip liners! 

Do you use a lip liner? Or maybe a better question is, how much would you be willing to spend on a lip liner?? 

Thanks so much for stopping by & until next time, 


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