Bubbly Basics

//Some day we will find what we are looking or. Or maybe not. Maybe we’ll find something much greater than that//

Hi friends & Happy Sunday! 

That’s right, I’m coming to you on a SUNDAY, and with a brand new series!!!

I don’t know about you, but I am forever bookmarking pages (on beauty, books, blogs, recipes, travel ideas, activities, etc) to the point where my “bookmark manager” is SO overwhelming that I end up purging every.last.one. 

And so, I thought it might be fun to document some of the pages that I find so that I…

1) don’t forget about them 

2) can share them with you because maybe they’re things that you would be interested in as well! 

With that in mind, “Bubbly Basics”  was born! 

Every Sunday, I’ll be sharing with you 10 (or so) articles about completely random things from beauty + fashion, to lifestyle + current events that I (and hopefully YOU) will find interesting/entertaining/or even educational. 

And so, here are this week’s top 10 picks: 

1. The New FENTY Beauty Lipstick You NEED in Your Life 

2. Must Have Off-The-Shoulder Bathing Suit 

3. The Ultimate Girl Boss Blog You Need to Be Following – GRLPILOT

4. The Best Summer Books to Read in 2020 

5. Heat Free Hairstyles 

6. 18 Most Popular Starbucks Drinks You Can Make at Home

7. My New Favorite Nail Trend 

8. Black Owned Beauty Brands 

9. Currently Binge-ing on Netflix

10. Things To Do This Weekend in Hamilton 

And there you have it friends! 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this first post of the series +  if there are any topics that you’d like me to include, definitely let me know! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend + hope the week ahead is an INCREDIBLE one! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and until next time, 


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