Summer Nail Inspo

“Summer is a state of mind!”

Happy Saturday friends! 

Anyone else’s nails looking…ratchet? That’s a rhetorical question because of course they are! But don’t worry, we’re definitely all in the same boat. I think it was less than a month into quarantine when my hot pink shellac mani was making me feel …. smothered + kinda claustrophobic. One thing led to another and about an hour later, I had done the thing that every aesthetician (or person with nails) will tell you not to do. That’s right, I had picked off every last speck of shellac. There’s something oddly satisfying about the sadistic process of removing it yourself. And then reality hits when you look down at the horror that is your new set of nails and you’re filled with instant regret. Not only does it look like your nails went through a wood chipper, but they kinda hurt! Thankfully with lots of moisturizer (yes I’ve been lathering my hands in moisturizer + wearing gloves to bed) and cuticle oil, your nails regain their regular look semi quickly. 

As much as I miss my biweekly trips to the nail salon (because my bestie + Starbucks + the nail salon = THE perfect little gal’s outing), I suppose I should be grateful for the opportunity to give my nails (and bank account) a break. 

Anyways, this post started out as a how to guide to have salon quality nails while in quarantine. I had all of the necessary tools on hand and had taken to Pinterest for some totally doable manicure ideas for the most basic of manicurists (aka someone who might as well have 2 left hands). So, with my little at home manicure station set up, I had picked “Tint of Mint” and was ready to paint my nails THE most gorgeous robins egg blue (contrary to its name it was definitely a light blue shade). 

Annnnnnd, this was the final product….

I mean, I suppose from afar they don’t look AWFUL. But up close my friends, believe me when I tell you that was not the case. It was super streaky (which I don’t think was the polishes fault) and where the skin around my finger ends + the nail begins was nothing short of a mystery. Honestly, when I first screwed the cap back on the polish and looked at my nails…I had to remind myself that a child had not done them for me. Yet another reminder that some things should be left for the experts to tackle. So, with these au natural nails, I’ve decided to switch today’s post to chat about something I know a thing or two about, and that’s INSPO! 

And so, I present to you, some super summery nail ideas to get you excited for when we’re finally allowed back in the nail salons (fingers crossed that happens before 2021)!!!











annnnnd finally this super cute rainbow mani…

And there you have it friends! 

I think once things have settled down + I can make my way to the nail salon, I’ll be opting for a colourful french manicure or maybe I’ll be wild + opt for a mismatched nail look…and the brighter the better! 

GLAMOUR recently posted “Nail Salons Are Starting to Reopen. But Should You Go?” . It’s a super interesting read for anyone who’s thinking of running to the nearest open nail salon in the midst of COVID-19. 

Hope the rest of your weekend is amazing & until next time, 


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