Summer Outfit Inspo

“Style and confidence requires knowing yourself and wearing what you feel best in” – Ariel Kaye 

HELLO friends & happy Wednesday!

Okay, what the fart (pardon my language) is going on with this weather?! A week + a half ago it was snowing and today temperatures reached 30 degrees Celsius! No matter how hot it gets, you will never hear me complain about it! I’d much rather be in quarantine & it be hot out, giving me the option to spend some time in the sun than to be stuck in the house in a snow storm (which apparently can happen in May, who knew!). In the last 9’ish weeks of working from home, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve spent time outside, so the warm weather will hopefully make this time a little bit more enjoyable. 

Now, while my beauty related online spending game is going strong (my goodness is it ever going strong), my fashion related spending is…lacking (and borderline non existent). On days that I’m feeling blah, focusing on the things I’m looking forward to doing post-quarantine totally helps to give me the glimmer of hope that I so desperately need. NOW, in doing that, I’ve decided to take it up a notch. But before we dive right in, some things I’m looking forward to doing once we get back to “normal” life include….

> visiting my favorite coffee shops (Detour, Mulberry Street, Trueshot Coffee) 

> patio drinks (literally anywhere at this point)

> wandering around a mall (I can’t even remember what that’s like)

> going out for ice cream … and you better believe it’ll be 2 scoops after all of this haha (and I’m thinking cookie dough & birthday cake, yum!) 

Those activities high on anyone else’s list?? 

Now, when I picture myself sitting on a patio enjoying THE largest cocktail or strolling along the beach enjoying my 2 scoops of melting ice cream, what do I envision myself wearing? Or better yet, what would my very best self be wearing?? It’s almost hard to picture a time when I no longer wear workout gear everyday (since that’s all I’ve been wearing since I started working from home & it’s not because I’ve been working out all the time haha). Annnnyways, I figured I’d take to the world wide web (aka Pinterest) to look for some summer outfit inspo. In doing so, I found 10 looks that I’m totally loving + can see myself wearing post-quarantine. I’ve included links to where you can buy the key items in each look, however I’ve added my own little flare to ensure that they’re true to my style. And the best part, all items are super affordable (under $100) so we can all recreate these looks without breaking the bank! 

So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into the looks! 

LOOK #1: 

I’m starting strong with this grungy + NOT so Lipstick & Bubbly kind of a look! Let the record state that I selected this outfit solely based on the fact that it included my latest obsession…a graphic tee. For the last 9 weeks, I’ve been on the online hunt for the below tee ….

I mean is it any surprise that a lip obsessed gal like myself would want a piece of clothing with a giant pair of lips on it?! 

Anyways, similar tees that I’ve found either don’t ship to Canada (UGH!) or they’re legit $50+…which is insane and there’s no way I would ever spend that much $$ on a t shirt. But seriously, how cute are these outfits?? 

These graphic tees are super versatile + are SO trendy right now! Whether you’re pairing them with biker shorts (which I certainly won’t be doing), wearing under a blazer OR french tucking into your fav pair of ripped denim, I feel like that one shirt can easily be made into several incredible outfits! I can see myself wearing these kinds of shirts to death as they can so easily be dressed up or down therefore giving me plenty of opportunities to wear them! 

Here’s where you can find your own pieces to replicate this outfit: 

TEE: The Rolling Stones Circles T-Shirt 

Hot Topic // $20.72 CAD 

JEANS: Ripped Mom Fit Jeans 

Zara // $45.90 CAD

SHOES: Davidson Flat Suede Mules

Who What Wear // $54.45 CAD

LIPPIE: Matte Lipstick in “Euro Trash”

NYX // $9 CAD

FAUX LEATHER JACKET: Ultimate Leather Look Biker Jacket 

ASOS // $59.29 CAD

P.S. If you find that lip tee that I’ve been swooning over (and it ships to Canada and doesn’t cost $1M) definitely let me know! 

LOOK #2: 

Okay, so here’s a bit of math for you…

ME + this outfit = the ultimate beach strolling with an ice cream in hand kind of an outfit! 

Here’s where you can find your own pieces to replicate this outfit: 

JEAN JACKET: Denim Jacket 

H&M // $49.99 CAD

STRIPED DRESS: Blissful Days White/Black Striped Dress 

Pink Lily // $38.00 USD 

SHOES: Canvas Sneakers 

Old Navy // $23.00 CAD 

RED LIP: Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipstick in “Glaring Red”

Revlon // $9.99 CAD 

LOOK #3: 

I love everything about this outfit + it just screams SUMMER TIME CHIC! It looks super comfy & totally breathable for the hot summer days that are ahead of us. When I look at this outfit, my mind immediately jumps to Barangas on the Beach (which will definitely be one of the first spots I go to once we’re officially out of quarantine). It’s the loveliest beach-side restaurant along the water in Burlington + I can totally picture myself wearing this, margarita in hand with a platter of Greek food in front of me! 

Here’s where you can find your own pieces to replicate this outfit: 

TOP: Halterneck Bodysuit

Zara // $25.90 CAD

SKIRT: Wrap-front Skirt 

H&M // $19.99 CAD

STRAW BAG: Rattan Shoulder Bag 

H&M // $59.99 CAD

SANDALS: Wedge-heeled Sandals 

H&M // $49.99 CAD 

LOOK #4: 

I love the idea of these super chic hats + I feel like they instantly pull together any look! HOWEVER, anytime I try to wear one I end up looking like a handmaid straight outta Gilead. Any other fans of The Handmaids Tale? Would they call me Oflipstickandbubbly?? haha okay, you’re only going to get that if you watch the show! Anyways, over the weekend me and my bestie had a little photoshoot and well….I’ll let you be the judge. This picture kills me every time I see it… 

Unlike my go to baseball hats, I feel like these trendy hats require a little more thought to wear so perhaps I’ll need to play around with that a little more. All hat related struggles aside, I think this outfit is so simple + stylish and I can’t think of a place it wouldn’t be appropriate to wear it to. It can also easily be modified to suit any style! For a more casual look you can pair with clear gloss and sandals. For a more dressy look, you can totally rock a bright lip + strap on a pair of cute wedges + you’re all set. 

Here’s where you can find your own pieces to replicate this outfit: 

HAT: Straw Hat w/ Grosgrain Band 

H&M // $14.99 CAD 

TANK: Pleated Top

Zara // $45.90 CAD 

JEANS: High Rise Kate Skinny Jean 

Dynamite // $54.95 CAD 


ALDO // $37.98 CAD 

SHOES: Sandals 

H&M // $14.99 CAD 

LOOK #5: 

This outfit sums up who I aspire to be! It’s super stylish and trendy annnnnd it’s all black, which if you know me, is the only color I ever wear. The only issue I’m having is with the footwear. I mean, it’s a tad hot for a patent leather bootie right now, but come fall time, definitely add the ankle boot! In the meantime, I’m struggling to think of what would best replace it to tie in with the whole “rocker chic” vibe that’s going on. Thoughts?? Any who, this outfit would be perfect for a night out on the town or even dinner at one of those “hip”, trendy restaurants. 

Here’s where you can find your own pieces to replicate this outfit: 

HAT: Floppy Wool Panama Hat 

Nordstrom // $26.00 CAD

BRALETTE: Aerie Eyelash Lace Plunge Bralette 

Aerie // $20.97 CAD 

DRESS: Nostalgia Silk Dress

Aritzia // $54.99 CAD  

BACKPACK: Love and Lore Braided Handle Backpack

Indigo // $55.00 CAD

BOOTS: Reravia 

ALDO // $64.98 CAD 

LOOK #6: 

Okay, this outfit screams BRUNCH + I’m not sure anything more needs to be said! It’s perfection…just like the mimosa + eggs benny I’ll be eating while wearing it (the dress…not the breakfast haha)!

Here’s where you can find your own pieces to replicate this outfit: 

DRESS: Loose Denim Blouse Mini Dress 

Dressisi // $36.99 USD 

PURSE: Brave Convertible Clutch 

Steve Madden // $78.00 CAD

WATCH: Combermere 

ALDO // $45.00 CAD 

SUNNIES: Edith Tortoiseshell Square Sunglasses 

2Sisters Eyewear // $95.00 CAD 

SHOES: Slip-on Shoes 

H&M // $29.99 CAD 

LOOK #7: 

I’m ALL about a t shirt dress. They’re hella (not sure why I’ve been saying that so much lately) comfy and can so easily be dressed up or down depending on the footwear + jewelry you decide to pair it with. This outfit in particular is SO my style and with my hair in the teeniest, tiniest little pony (#shorthairproblems), those big hoops and a hat, ughhh sign me up! I’m also thinking a clear gloss + lots of mascara and I’m all set for the mall, a lunch date, Froyo or a coffee run! 

Here’s where you can find your own pieces to replicate this outfit: 

HAT: Baseball Snapback 

Aritzia // $25 CAD 

DRESS: Like Minded Charcoal Grey Bodycon Midi 

Lulus // $36.00 USD 

HOOPS: Assorted Hoop Earring Set 

Forever 21 // $11.00 CAD

SHOES: Twill Platform Sneakers

Old Navy // $29.00 CAD 

LOOK #8: 

Among the list of things I can’t wait to get back to once we’re out of quarantine, Orange Theory is surprisingly high on the list. Let’s be real, no home workout will ever be as intense as a 60 minute OTF session…and my body is kinda craving it right now! Not only that, but my bestie + I have been known to go on a hike every once in a while (or every weekend) and COVID’s been keeping us back from that. So once it’s safe to do so, we’re both super excited to stroll through the woods in some comfy (and of course cute) workout outfits.  

Here’s where you can find your own pieces to replicate this outfit: 

TEE: Muscle Love Crop Tank 

Lululemon // $38.00 CAD

WORKOUT BRA: Heart Sports Bra 

Onzie // $29.88 CAD

LEGGINGS: Ultimate Stripe Trim Leggings 

VS Pink // $39.86 CAD 

WATER BOTTLE: Inner Peach Glass Water Bottle 

Asobu // $25.00 CAD

BAG: Work It Out Gym Bag – Wine // $16.99 USD 

LOOK #9: 

I love, love, love this whole outfit, and that’s not because I already own the pieces required to replicate it! This little number appears effortless, super chic & I think very feminine. For anyone wanting to work their way up to Look #5, I feel like this is a good place to start. Pair with a vampy lip, I think this would be THE perfect outfit for …

– a concert (if we’ll ever be allowed to go to one of those again)

– patio drinks 

– an afternoon at a winery 

Here’s where you can find your own pieces to replicate this outfit: 

DRESS: A-line Dress 

H&M // $14.99 CAD


ALDO // $12.98 CAD 

HAT: Faux Leather-Trim Fedora 

Forever 21 // $30 CAD 

LIPSTICK: Matte Lip Color in “Wine” 

e.l.f cosmetics // $4 CAD

NAIL POLISH: Sally Hansen “Just in Wine”

Shoppers Drug Mart // $6.49 CAD 

SANDALS: Tasseled Sandals 

H&M // $19.99 CAD 

LOOK #10: 

This is not normally an ensemble I’d be drawn to but ever since scrolling past it on Pinterest, I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. When I see it, I think of a Sunday morning stroll, iced coffee in hand, perusing the downtown Farmer’s Market, searching for fresh flowers. Sounds like THE perfect Sunday morning if you ask me. Anyways, it’s such an effortless yet polished look that I need in my life once we’re out of quarantine. 

Here’s where you can find your own pieces to replicate this outfit: 

DRESS SHIRT: Only Stripe Shirt w/ Pocket 

ASOS // $42.64 CAD 

SHORTS: Distressed Denim Shorts 

Dynamite // $39.95 CAD

SUNNIES: Claude Combination Round Sunglasses 

Urban Outfitters // $24.00 CAD 

SHOES: Slingbacks 

H&M // $19.99 CAD 

PURSE: Reversible Tote Handbag – A New Day 

Target // $29.99 USD 

And there you have it friends, a few of the outfits I’m on the hunt for to make all of my post-COVID dreams come true! 

What are you most looking forward to doing once things go back to “normal”? 

Thanks so much for stopping by & until next time, 


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