PRE-Covid 19 Haul (Beauty & Fashion)

“I guess money can’t buy happiness…if you shop in the wrong places!” 

Happy Friday friends & Happy Easter! 

Now, who doesn’t love a good old fashioned haul! Besides GRWM’s, I love watching haul videos. I love to see what people are buying and to get their thoughts (usually on makeup) before I rush out + buy it for myself (which we all know I will). Prior to the virus, I had treated myself to a teeny tiny shopping spree (as a reward for all of the #shoppingmystash I had been doing). That’s right, I rewarded myself for not spending money BY spending money! Gosh I’m so good to myself haha. Anyways, with all craziness that’s been going on, it slipped my mind that I had purchased all of these goodies + had never shared them on here! And so, now seems like the perfect time to chat about some of those things! 

So if you want to see what I bought, then just keep on reading! 

TNA Baseball Snapback 

Your girl likes a baseball hat! In the last couple of months, my go to Yankees hat has attracted A LOT of unwanted attention, so I was in the market for something … less controversial. Apparently you have to be a die hard Yankees fan in order to wear the hat. Maybe they should have told me that when I purchased it, or made me take a Yankees related quiz and (only) if I passed, would I be allowed to move forward with the purchase. If you read my last post (click here if you missed it), then you’ll know I don’t shop at Aritzia. That being said, on the day in question (aka when this little shopping spree took place, what a magical little day that was) I decided to go in. And there on the shelf, sat THE most perfect, plain jane hat I ever did see. When I saw it cost only $20, I thought they had maybe missed a zero or something, since nothing in that store is ever under $50! Anyways, it’s relaxed fit ensures a comfortable wear every time. So if you’re looking for a plain black baseball hat, definitely check out this one! 

DYNAMITE Selina Ruffle Wrap Dress 

Who doesn’t love a good wrap dress? They’re feminine, flirty + definitely slimming, accentuating all of the right places! While Dynamite isn’t exactly my go to spot for clothes (since I’m not a 20-something going to the club…eww haha), this dress caught my eye as I was walking past annnnnd how could I not have gone in to take a closer look! This leopard print wrap dress was definitely in my weekly work attire rotation and I must say, I’m looking forward to going back to the office JUST so I can wear this stunner again (not that I’m not enjoying wearing yoga pants everyday). ANYWAYS, I was wearing this dress with black tights + little black ankle boots. By the time we get out of isolation and back into the office, I’m hoping to swap those out for perhaps some nude wedges or black heels. 

DYNAMITE Collared Ruffle Hem Dress 

Annnnnd of course while I was in Dynamite I saw this one and to the check out counter we all went! This dress is SO lovely, I’m kind of obsessed! My wardrobe is 99.9999% black, so the addition of this red dress is kind of a big deal. I will say, it gives me total cowgirl vibes sometimes which throws me off haha but regardless, it’s lovely! This is another one I’ve been pairing with black tights + black ankle boots, and I am SO excited to wear a more summery shoe with it once it gets a little warmer out! 

PAT MCGRATH LABS Lust: Lip Gloss in “Aliengelic”

Oh come on, you didn’t actually think I’d go shopping and NOT pick up some makeup did you?! 

Pat McGrath is a makeup GODDESS! Seriously, she makes some of the most gorgeous…and some of THE most expensive makeup. Case in point, this gloss, which was an incredibly impulsive purchase that I kind of regret making. About a week earlier, I had purchased my first ever product from the brand (which was of course a gloss) and was obsessed! The OpuLUST lip glosses are described as being a gloss that coats the lips in multidimensional sparkle and seamlessly glides on with a smooth, non-sticky application. The gloss contains their Advanced Phyto-Endorphin Complex which offers antioxidants and moisturizing benefits. I purchased the shade “Coraliason” which was incredibly moisturizing and the most gorgeous, coral, shimmer shade. After falling in love with the gloss, I was anxious to try out more from the brand. 

So, when I stumbled upon the Pat McGrath display at Sephora, my eyes darted straight to this gorgeous, and appropriately named LUST lip gloss in the shade “Aliengelic”. These LUST glosses are described as being a luxurious lip colour that delivers ethereally erotic (yeah that’s right, they used the word erotic to describe a gloss!) colour with the surreally seductive shine of a glossy balm. That’s quite the description right?! The shade “Aliengelic” is a prismatic, duochrome infused gloss with specks of pink pearl. Of the hundreds of lip products I’ve ever had in my collection, I can’t think of one that would be similar to this Pat McGrath one! I must have been so intrigued by this gloss that I missed the part where it cost almost $50 CAD!!!! I’ll give you a sec to process that one friends. 

Since I’ve had a couple of weeks to experiment with this gloss, here are my thoughts. There is no denying that this colour is stunning + unlike any other one I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen A LOT). Sadly, the love affair ends there with this ridiculously priced lippie. I want to love it as much as I love “Coraliason” but it’s just not comfortable on the lips. The glitter is kind of gritty and chunky, and I’m just not about that life. I found the formula of the OpuLUST glosses to be super hydrating and moisturizing, leaving them looking a tad plumper than I had found them. “Aliengelic” felt like it was sucking the life out of my lips, and I will not stand for that! 

Soooo, if you’re in the market for an expensive gloss and want to try one from Pat McGrath, I would suggest the OpuLUST glosses over the LUST ones! Thank you for attending my Pat McGrath gloss TED Talk haha. 

MILK MAKEUP Mini Lip + Cheek in “Rally” 

As a rosy complexioned gal, I don’t wear blush. Never have and never …. well never say never, right?! With the Pat McGrath gloss in hand, I found myself gazing at the brightly coloured MILK Makeup display. I’ve tried a few products from the brand and have never been disappointed. They’re super affordable, incredible quality AND….

> vegan

> cruelty-free 

> silicone-free 

> talc-free

> soy-free

> annnnd free of parabens, sulfates + phthalates 

After listening to many YouTubers rave about these lip + cheek tints, I really had no other choice BUT to buy it. That being said, I couldn’t commit to the regular sized one, so I opted for the mini, travel version. The shade “Rally” is the perfect dusty mauve shade which I  thought would be the perfect, and most natural way to introduce blush into my makeup routine. Since using it, I’ve noticed that it’s super buildable, very blendable + definitely creamy. 

So, if you’re a blush wearer and like cream products, definitely try one of these MILK MAKEUP Lip + Cheek Tints!  

“A Long Petal of the Sea” By Isabel Allende 

Well, by now we all know I love makeup…and books. As I was nearing the end of the book I was reading, I figured I might as well have another one waiting in the wings. After reading the inside cover of this one, with Plum card in hand, straight to the Indigo check out counter we went! I won’t give away too much about this book because of course I’ll be writing a little review about it! I’ll just say….it’s a great read 🙂 

Mejuri Letter Charm 14k Gold 

And finally friends, is this gorgeous little pendant! If you watch Schitt’s Creek, then you’ll have noticed Alexis’ not so little “A” necklace. Since seeing it, I’ve search high and low for my own little initial pendant. Mejuri has the most gorgeous pieces that are high quality and are totally affordable. While I didn’t pick this one up at the mall during my little spending spree, I did order it online later that day. It’s so gorgeous and for anyone looking for their own initial necklace, definitely check out Mejuri! 

And there you have it friends! 

If you like this style of post, then get ready for a whole lotta little ones coming your way. Your girls been passing the time with ALL of the online shopping, so stay tuned!  

Have you found you’re doing a lot of (unnecessary) online shopping these days just to pass the time? 

Now, before I let you go, clearly the virus is not letting up anytime soon! And so, I’ve decided that next week I’ll be uploading a post a day for 7 days! That’s right, from Monday, April 13th straight through to Sunday, April 19th, you can expect a new post everyday on Lipstick & Bubbly! 

Thanks so much for stopping by & I’ll see you back here on Monday! 

Stay safe,


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