Rocking Ripped Jeans…in your 30’s

Happy Monday Friends! 

Tell me, does this sound familiar? 

ME: “Going out, bye!” 

DAD: “Umm, do you know you have rips in your jeans?”

ME: “Are you going to ask me that EVERY TIME I wear them?!”

DAD: “Did you actually spend money on pants with holes in them?” 


I know that there’s a lot of you ripped jean loving guys + gals out there that have heard that from parents, grandparents…and pretty much just anyone over 50?  Now, am I the only one that notices the stares from complete strangers when they wear their ripped denim? The looks have gotten so bad at times that I find myself double checking that I didn’t actually forget to put pants on because people seem so horrified by my fashion choices. If I’m being honest, there have even been times that the stares have deterred me from wearing them. That being said, as I enter my 32nd year, I’ve had to stop and ask why the heck I’m going to let a complete strangers opinion stop me from wearing something that I enjoy! 

So ladies + gentlemen, once we are finally allowed back into society (oh my gosh I actually can’t wait), you better believe I’m rockin’ ALL of the ripped jeans! 

In this post, I’m going to help you find THE perfect pair of ripped jeans for you that are not only trendy, but great quality, and the best part, they’re all under $100! Then, get ready for some Pinterest approved outfit inspo that’ll guarantee that you’re ready to rock the heck outta those ripped jeans once we’re out of isolation! 

So if you wanna know more, then just keep on reading! 

Where to Buy Ripped Jeans (without breaking the bank):


I feel like American Eagle is THE go to spot for stylish, affordable & high quality denim! As someone who used to work at AE many many years ago, I can remember being constantly swamped with people (of all ages) wanting to buy everything from jeggings to white washed, boyfriend style to high-waisted, flared denim. They’ve got every style in every size, so if you’re looking for ripped jeans, make American Eagle your first stop! I recently bought a pair of ripped mom jeans and I’m obsessed! 

Sizes: 00 to 24 as well as short, regular and tall 

Price Point: $35.97 CAD to $65 CAD


Hands down, my favourite clothing store is H&M! They have so many incredible pieces and I truly believe they have something for every style. While they do have a much more limited selection of denim, the pieces that they have are super affordable, stylish and definitely comfy. 

Sizes: 24 – 36 

Price Point: $59.99 CAD (all ripped jeans seem to be the same price) 


I feel like Old Navy is often overlooked when it comes to denim, or sometimes fashion in general. But I mean come on, let’s let the below denim speak for themselves! I think they’re super cute and perfect for spring! 

Sizes: 0 – 20 

Price Point: $35 CAD to $65 CAD


I went through a period when I only shopped at Aritzia. And then I (thankfully) realized I was spending WAY too much money on clothes that I really didn’t even like (#tryingtofitin). Aritzia’s prices are so ridiculous, I would never even think of going in these days. I mean, there are full on ripped jeans that cost $288 CAD! Like what the heck?! Anyways, while I was doing a bit of research for this post I thought I’d take a look at their selection of ripped denim, because … why not. I was pleasantly shocked to find a few pairs for under $100! 

Sizes: 23-32

Price Point: $68 – $288 CAD 


So, now that you know where to buy your own perfect pair, here are some fun, classy & stylish ways to wear them! From basic tees to cable knits, heels to your favourite pair of trainers, I’ve got a look for you! And don’t worry guys, I’ve gotcha covered with a few looks too! 

And there you have it lovelies! How do you feel about ripped jeans? Do you feel like they’re not “cool” to wear at a certain age? 

Thanks so much for stopping by & until next time!

Stay safe friends 🙂  


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