I’m baaaaaaaack! 

Happy New Year friends! 

Are you as totally pumped about 2020 as I am? I sure hope so! 

Annnnyways, we’re about 34 posts into Lipstick & Bubbly, and whether you’ve been with me since my very first post or you’re new here, I thought I’d introduce myself! 


It’s makeup, fashion, lifestyle, a whole lotta little book reviews, annnnd then more makeup. It’s a compilation of all of the things that I love and want to share with all of you. It was probably 10 years ago that the idea of starting a blog first came into my mind. And in typical 20 year old Ashley fashion, I told that thought to shove it, because who the heck would want to read anything that I wrote?! Growing up, no one was ever doing anything “out of the box” so to speak. Like many of you, the norm was to go to school, get a degree and settle into a traditional 9 to 5. I’ve always known that I needed more than just that, I just never had the confidence to go after it. 

Anyways, as the desire to start a blog continued to grow, telling people became quite the thing. Besides by family (thankfully), other people would look at me like I had 2 heads. I even had a boyfriend tell me that he would break up with me if I decided to move forward with the blog. It was at that moment I realized that I couldn’t wait until I had everyone’s support or encouragement & I certainly wasn’t going to allow myself to add it to my growing list of things I was going to do “next time around” (aka in my next life). More importantly, I knew that if I didn’t try it now, it would always be something I regretted not pursuing. And so, in October of 2018, Lipstick & Bubbly was born. 

This little blog was created during the darkest time in my life, but in a weird way served as a light that encouraged me to keep going. Through an abusive relationship, depression and complete hopelessness, this blog has been my safe place that’s encouraged me to take back control of my life and more importantly, to keep going. 

And so my friends, here we are, about a year and a half into Lipstick & Bubbly. What started out as a distraction from my chaotic life has turned into something I am so incredibly passionate about! It’s become a place I can jot down my thoughts on books I’m loving, new makeup releases that I’m SO excited to find at Sephora, and trendy coffee shops I’m dying to try out! More importantly, its become a space I can connect with so many of you over our shared interests. 

I don’t know about you, but I constantly find myself using Google to answer life’s biggest questions. From “what shade of eye shadow will make my hazel eyes pop” to “how to figure out what makes you happy”, my Google has been asked it all. While I certainly don’t possess all (or possible any) of the answers, I want Lipstick & Bubbly to be a safe space you can go to whether you need suggestions for your next Netflix binge or need help navigating through the world of online dating. 

I want nothing more than to grow this blog + to continue to meet more of the amazing people that I have been introduced to through Lipstick & Bubbly. When I say this blog has been a dream come true, I mean it. It is continuing to truly change my life and I am so excited to see where it goes! 


Here’s what you need to know….

The Basics: 

Name: Ashley 

Age: 31!

Hometown: Ontario, Canada 

Siblings: Younger brother 

Pets: Kiton (the cat) 

Tattoos: 6?! (the obsession is totally real – sorry Mom & Dad) 

Guilty Pleasure: lip injections (can’t stop won’t stop)

9 to 5: I work for a company that charters PJ’s (private jets duh) 

Fears: bees and sharks (but I totally need to see a shark in real life before I die) 

Celeb Crush: Jason Momoa & Ashlyn Harris (your girls got a major #girlcrush) 

Pet Peeves: leaving a pen cap off … UGH drives me crazy 

Currently Reading: “Super Attractor” by Gabrielle Bernstein 

Go to show on Netflix: Schitt’s Creek 

Top 5 things I can’t leave the house without: lip balm, water bottle, music, notebook & earrings 

Out of work uniform: always leggings and an oversized sweater 


Color: pink or black (like my soul haha jk)

Drink from Starbucks: Americano or the mango dragon fruit refresher (unsweetened) 

Ice Cream Flavor: cookie dough

Alcoholic Beverage: right now it’s a vodka soda (operation #beachbod) 

Clothing Store: H&M  

Flower: Peony 

Quote: “We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are” Max de Pree

Makeup Brand: Honestly, I’ve sat with this question for days & don’t know how I could pick just one. To name a few: Fenty, Charlotte Tilbury & Buxom.  

Top 3 MAC lipsticks: Blankety, Faux and Pink Plaid

Genre of Books: Thriller

All time Fav Show: The Office 

Podcast: Redirected – by Andrew East 

Movie of all time: Lord of the Rings (haha sorry not sorry) 

Song I can’t get enough of: Power Over Me – Dermot Kennedy 

Way to Pass the time: With a good book & coffee 

This or That….

Coffee or Tea: Normally I would totally say coffee, but then my co-worker introduced me to David’s Tea anddddd….I need both in my life! 

Sweet or Salty: ALWAYS SALTY (mmm chips) 

Night In or Night Out: the answer is ALWAYS IN! I’m a total home body 

Gold or Silver: gold 

Burgers or Tacos: burgers 

Leather or Lace: pleather 

Autumn or Spring: Autumn (PSL’s, vampy lips, plaid scarves…need I go on?!) 

Socks or Slippers: Socks 

Bronzer or Blush: Bronzer (seriously can’t leave the house without it on) 

Neutrals or Bright Colors: Neutrals 

Steak or Chicken: Chicken (although I’ve been trying to have a meat free diet) 

Breakfast or Dinner: breakfast for dinner! 

Facebook or Twitter: is neither an option?! 

Mountains or Beach: Mountains 

Pancakes or Waffles: mmm pancakes 

Summer or Winter: Summer 

Chocolate or Vanilla: always Vanilla 

Comedy or Horror: HORROR ALLLLL DAY! 

Netflix or Youtube: ughhhh don’t make me choose! If I absolutely had to choose, Youtube 

Bath or Shower: Bath 

TV or Book: I LOVE to read! 

And there you have it friends! 

I would LOVE to hear what you’d like to see on Lipstick & Bubbly in 2020! If you have any post ideas, let a sister know! (But seriously, email me your thoughts at akinson27@gmail.com, I’d love to hear from you) 

Thanks so much for making Lipstick & Bubbly a part of your lives friends & I know that 2020 is totally going to be our best year ever! 

Until next time, 


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