Lip Combo: Monday, October 28th, 2019

“Sometimes you just have to put on lip gloss + pretend to by psyched” – Mindy Kaling 

Happy Monday friends! 

Hope everyone had a LOVELY weekend! I turned the big “3-1” yesterday, so my weekend was a little more eventful than usual. 

After my last lip combo post, I set out a pretty dark combo that I had actually psyched myself up to wear….and then my Sephora order came in + all that changed (p.s. stay tuned for an unboxing coming soon!). 

What changed my mind you might ask?! One word…FENTY! 

After spending hours scrolling through Instagram, my heart pretty much skipped a beat when I laid my eyes on the new FENTY Glossy Posse Mini Gloss Bomb set. With the introduction of 4 new shades to the FENTY gloss family, I could not get my hands on one of these bad boys fast enough. Of course, I had to work for it. The set wasn’t released on Sephora’s Canadian site until the following week. So better believe I set my alarm + added it to my cart the minute it became available. My love affair with the FENTY glosses is THAT real! 

As I mentioned in one of my first ever blog posts, as a child, I would save up my allowance money for lip gloss. So from 6 years old until about 18, I was all about a glossy lip. Once I went away to college, for some reason that seemed to change. All of a sudden I cared that my hair was getting stuck in my gloss. It didn’t help that a couple years later, glosses just weren’t cool anymore + everyone was reaching for a matte lip. Annnnyways, after a few years of not rocking my trademark glossy, wet looking lips, the FENTY Gloss Bomb was “born”, and that my friends, was an actual game changer. These glosses are without a doubt, THE best thing you can ever slather on your lips. Not only do they smell INCREDIBLE (I’m not even sure how to describe their scent, other than heavenly), but they’re super glossy, with the right amount of shimmer, making the lips look plump and delicious. And unlike any other gloss I’ve tried, they’re actually super hydrating and will leave your lips soft & kissable for hours. 

The FENTY set comes with 5 mini, yet seriously stunning shades! While “Hot Chocolit” may have seemed like the most appropriate, Fall time shade, “Pretty Please” was totally calling my name. It’s the most beautiful, glossy, shimmery baby pink shade. I also opted out of pairing this gloss with a liner, because the color is so stunning I didn’t want anything to take away from it. 

It was my go-to birthday celebration lippie…and it definitely got a compliment or two. The mini gloss bomb set retails for $56 CAD ..and in my opinion, is worth every penny! 

Do you reach for lipstick or lip gloss? 

Thanks so much for stopping by + until next time,


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