“SIRI: Find Pumpkin Patches Near Me!”


I’m sure by now you’re all sick of hearing about how much I LOVE Fall! I’m sorry, but I refuse to keep my love affair with the season a secret (#sorrynotsorry)! 

In case you need a few reasons why Fall time is the best time, I love Fall for the  FALL-owing (haha get it) reasons: 

1) Of all the times to rock a dark lip, Fall is officially THE perfect time for it (we  wouldn’t have #falllip or #fallmakeup if it wasn’t a thing)

2) The candles that come out for Fall are heavenly! Need proof, click here to read about my top 10 candles for Fall!

3) You can bundle up in cute cozy sweaters! 

4) And speaking of being cozy, BIG….PLAID….SCARVES!!!   

5) Fall fashion is AMAZING *insert heart eye emoji* – faux fur vests, ankle  booties, scarves & big floppy hats! 

6) It’s finally socially acceptable to indulge in scary movie marathons  without seeming extra MURDER-Y

7) Annnnd my favourite reason of all….it’s PUMPKIN PATCH SEASON! 

If you’re still not convinced, the proof is in the GRAM! Here’s a quick little breakdown of the number of Fall related posts on Instagram (yes I made this chart because I am THAT serious about it haha)

Anyways, you get my point right?! I’m not the only Fall obsessed weirdo out there! So now that I’ve converted you all into Fall lovers, I guess I’ll get to the point of this post. 

Last weekend, my bestie and I were trying to plan the perfect girls day. Obviously for us, that could only mean two things…coffee + a pumpkin patch! We were SO excited trying to find a cute coffee shop to go to, all the while trying to coordinate our outfits (because we’re weird like that) that we weren’t thinking about one very important detail…where we were planning on indulging in all of our pumpkin patch dreams! Clearly agreeing to visit a pumpkin patch was not enough. Did you know that the Hamilton area literally has dozens of pumpkin patches to chose from?! (who knew!!)

To help make all of your fall time, pumpkin patch wishes come true, I’ve narrowed down the top 6 pumpkin patches in the Hamilton area that are worth visiting. A lot of these places only accept cash…so something to keep in mind. 

So, without further ado, here they are: 


Address: 416 Fallsview Road East, Dundas, ON 

Activities: Barnyard play area, straw fort, animal farm, wagon ride, Dyment’s own fry truck, corn maze

Price for Admission: Adults $13+HST, Children $12+HST, Under 2 years are free! 

Number of Instagram Posts: 1K


Address: 900 Fiddlers Green Rd, Ancaster, ON L9G 3L1

Activities: 4 acre Corn maze, hayrides, zip line, pumpkin slingshots, duck races   

Price of Admission: $8.00+HST per person 

Number of Instagram Posts: 100 


Address: 1974 Concession Road 2 W, Lynden ON L0R 1T0

Activities: Corn maze, kiddie maze, 65’ long jumping pumpkin pillow (3 ft to jump), wooden train playground, 3 giant slides, pedal kart race track, pumpkin bowling, farmer foozball, huge climbing spider web, pumpkin tic tac toe…oh and they have cows, sheep, goats & pigs! 

Price of Admission: $12.00+HST per person (depending on the weekend that you go) 

Number of Instagram Posts: 1K


Address: 1001 HWY #5 West, Dundas, ON L9H 5E2

Activities: Corn maze, pumpkin and corn blaster  ****If you’re a corn maze enthusiast, this is the place for you! Hanes is known for their insanely cool corn maze designs (you should probably look that up). ****

Price of Admission: adults 13+ $15//seniors 60+ $14.00//big farmers (8-12) $12.50//little farmers (3-7) $9.50

Number of Instagram Posts: 500   


Address: 573 Parkside Dr, Waterdown, ON L8B 0G7

Activities: Toy land, swings, jumping straw, gigantic sandbox, dirt mountain with slide, monkey bars 

Price of Admission: $3.50 per person (second supervising adult parents + grandparent are free). Kids under one are free. Wagon rides to Pumpkin Land are $1.00 per person 

Number of Instagram Posts: 1.4K


If you’re really serious about pumpkin patches then this is the place for you (and it’ll be totally worth the drive!) 

Address: 13682 Heart Lake Road, Caledon, ON L7C 2J5

Activities: This place has TONS of activities on the weekends! I’m talking puppet shows, live entertainment, animal shows, pumpkin princess story time, farm animals, straw jump, duck races, boo barn.. just to name a few. Plus they have food options onsite making it THE perfect day trip! 

Price of Admission: weekdays $9.73+HST (ages 2-92) // weekends $14.16+HST (ages 2-92) 

Number of Instagram Posts: 11.9K !!!!  

Hope that little list helps you to find the perfect pumpkin patch for you! Are you planning on visiting a pumpkin patch this year, or have you already been to one?  

Thanks so much for stopping by & until next time,    


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