FOR REAL DOUGH-aka #hamont’s cookie dough heaven

Admit it. The cookie dough is WAY better than the actual cookies! And don’t even try & tell me that you’d never sneak some cookie dough while your Mom was in the kitchen making cookies. 

Well #hamont, prepare to have all of your cookie dough dreams come true. 

Located at 256 King St West (just down the street from the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel) sits THE cutest little pink building I ever did see! And the magic continues as inside is nothing short of an Instagrammers heaven. 

Sprinkle swing, colourful phones & neon signs OH MY!

For Real Dough opened its doors only a couple of weeks ago and since then, it  has taken the city by storm. I’ve been there twice & am officially obsessed. 

Once you’ve taken in all of the pink interior (this place is seriously ALL pink), prepare to have your mind BLOWN when you see all the incredible flavours of cookie dough that For Real Dough has to offer. 

Lucky Charms, Dunkaroos, PB&J, Oreo, Sugar Cookie, Cookie Monster, Red Velvet… hungry yet? That’s right, their tasty flavours will take you right back to your childhood! So far, I’ve tried Lucky Charms and Dunkaroos.! 

Vegan? No problem! For Real Dough also offers a handful of fun flavours that vegan & gluten free cookie dough lovers can enjoy.  

Not in the mood for a cup of cookie dough (although I’m not sure why haha), but no problem! They also have CEREAL MILK iced coffees, cake cookies, stuffed cookies, taco waffle cones filled with your favourite cookie dough & soft serve. Ugh I’m getting pretty hungry just thinking about it! 

If you haven’t been to FOR REAL DOUGH, or even if you have, treat yourself to some cookie dough! I promise you won’t regret it! 

Which cookie dough flavour sounds amazing to you?

Thanks for stopping by & until next time, 


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