While I consider myself an eggs for brekkie kind of a gal, I found a granola recipe that has totally changed all of that! 

Since going dairy free (don’t worry, I’ll discuss that later), I’ve obviously had to put A LOT more thought into meal prep. Apparently pretty much everything has dairy in it (not really, but it feels like it some days). 

While perusing the aisles of Indigo, I stumbled upon a cookbook that seemed to call out to me. Maybe it was the fact that I saw Beyonce & Jay-Z’s name across the bottom of it. But let me tell you, if it’s good enough for Queen B then it’s good enough for moi! 

Annnnnyways, The Greenprint by Marco Borges details the benefits of a plant based diet and offers dozens of really great recipes. 

One in particular that I keep going back to is the homemade granola recipe which is not only super healthy for you, but it’s SUPER tasty! 

While I’ve had this quite a few times with almond milk, it is TO DIE FOR mixed in with some dairy free blueberry yogurt. 

The hunt for more tasty dairy free meals is on! 

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