A lipstick lovers dream!

Most of us grew up getting a weekly allowance for doing things like taking out the trash, clearing the table after dinner and making our beds.

While most kids spent their “hard earned money” on things like candy, video games or toys, I can only ever remember spending mine on lip gloss, Lip Smackers to be exact. 

As you will come to learn, I LIVE for lip products. And when I say I live for them, I mean I dream of lip plumpers, lip sticks, glosses and really all things lip related. Ask anyone that knows me, I’m lip product OBSESSED and can never seem to have enough.

Since getting lip injections (which I’m sure we’ll chat about in another post), my search for lip plumpers has died down and I’ve narrowed in on finding the perfect lipstick to show off my new plump pout.

After grabbing an early morning coffee with a girlfriend, we found ourselves walking down Lakeshore in Burlington and stumbled upon a chalk board sign advertising “custom lipsticks made here”. Naturally, my heart skipped a beat and I could not get in there fast enough.

Located on the corner of John Street and Lakeshore, Amanda Steene Cosmetics offers:

>A full range of cruelty free makeup and skincare products
>Makeup applications
>Makeup lessons
>Wedding makeup
>Custom blend foundation
>Custom formulated lipstick
>Custom formulated lipgloss

For $35+tax, we had fun choosing the base (creamy or matte), colour (ranging from nudes to reds to black), scent (vanilla, chocolate, peaches, strawberry, cupcake), lipstick cube (white, black or pink) and name.

This fun & personalized process took about 20 minutes from walking through the door to naming and making a kiss card to be posted on their “kiss wall”.

My custom lipstick, “fall fling” is the perfect, moisturizing everyday nude (the red lipstick is the pen they give you to use, so cute!).

The makeup specialists at Amanda Steene Cosmetics keep your custom lipstick “recipe” on file, making it easy to remake if you love your lipstick (like I do!).

Even more amazing, if your favorite lipstick has been discontinued (like some of my favorites from Mac have been), they are able to work their magic to make you a lipstick that’s close to your old favorites.

For all of you makeup lovers, I definitely recommend checking out Amanda Steene Cosmetics. Grab a few girlfriends, reserve a time slot in advance and make an afternoon of it!

Oh and did I mention, they have bubbly available!!

For more information, visit http://www.amandasteene.com/

Until next time,


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